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the legendary Alfie Shrubb

  Alfred Shrubb did not always yearn to be a great runner. His running career did not begin until he was twenty years of age. His father had been a farmer, but Alfred wanted to be a carpenter. He took jobs in the building trade and it was while he was a bricklayer on a hospital project in Stammerham, near his home village, that the racing bug bit him. One night, at about 5:00pm, Alfred met a man named F.J.Spence who was then the champion runner of the local athletic club. Spence was on his way to a fire. It looked as if all of the nearby town of Southwater was ablaze and Spence invited Alfred to run over and see the fire with him. Alfred responded that he could not run. Spence insisted and they both ran to the fire scene. Alfred actually beat the fire wagon, and Spence was so impressed he convinced Alfred to join the Horsham Blue Star Harriers Running Club.

    The Blue Star Harriers introduced Alfred to amateur running. After running in a few races Alfred discovered an ability to run well over long distances. He ran on track and cross country, but preferred the later. He later wrote: “Of all the forms of pedestrianism (running), and indeed, of all the branches of athletics there can be nothing superior to cross-country running for either pleasure or health.”  Alfred also had an unusual running style. He ran with uneven bursts of speed, which sometimes confounded his opponents. While not said to be the most graceful runner, Alfred was said to “skim over the ground, whether cinder or grass track of the heaviest ploughed, like a bird.” It was also said that no matter how hard may the contest in which Shrubb has taken part he never seems short of breath. Indeed, for Shrubb to get out of breath seems practically impossible.

  What a career! In one amazing day at Ibrox Park Glasglow, on November 4th 1904, Alfred broke the one hour record as well as all amateur records from six to eleven miles, and all professional records eight to eleven miles! He covered eleven miles, 1,137 yards in one hour. This record was not broken until 1951.

  As you can see there is much to Alfred Shrubb, it is our hope that you will enjoy our web site, perhaps you can venture to Bowmanville and particapate in the event of his name, The Alfie Shrubb 8k MUSEUM FUN Run/Walk. The first event in his name was June 1st 2003. The Run is now an annual event.

  We have now had our 10th Annual Alfie Shrubb Classic June 3rd 2012. We will work on plans for the 11th Annual Alfie Shrubb Classic, perhaps we will have a NEW LOOK to the Alfie Shrubb Classic, details to follow. We will have ON-LINE entry for Alfie at the Running Room web site.

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Danny Kassap for the men and Tania Jones for the ladies hold the course records. At Alfie we provide Great Value for All

NEW Cours Records

Men Runners New Course Record Holder…  Danny Kassap 24:39…set 2008

Ladies Runners New Course Record Holder…Tania Jones 30:42…  set 2010.. previously held by Stefanie Sommers 30:52

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