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How it all began…

  The name of Shrubb was on the lips of many sports fans over 100 years ago. Alfie died in 1964, and so did his memory. Until, that is, February 2003, when Bowmanville running enthusiast Al Storie chanced upon the Shrubb legend and became eager to discover more. Inspired by the fascinating snippets he picked up, Storie visited Shrubb’s daughter and subsequently determined to set up a major annual race in Shrubb’s name. His aim was to attract hundreds of runners and walkers from across Canada and establish the event as one of the best. With the help of friend Don Air and the support of Canada’s Running Room organization, Storie began work on the side of the Atlantic. At exactly the same time, unbeknown to Storie, English author and runner Rob Hadgraft was commencing research into the Shrubb story over in the UK for his book ‘The Little Wonder.’  The two running enthusiasts got in touch with each other and this happy coincidence subsequently helped the devolopment of both projects.

The first annual Alfie Shrubb 8K Classic took place on Sunday June 1st 2003 and was a huge success. Nearly 300 runners and walkers, far more than expected for a debut staging, turned out. Three generations of Shrubbs were present. Bowmanville Museum put on a special display of Shrubb memorabilia and a replica of one of Shrubb’s 100-year-old medals was produced as a memento for all finishers. Appropriately, Longboat Roadrunners, a Toronto club named in tridute to Shrubb’s great rival, sent a team. Their spokesman John G.Lyng praised the historical tone of the event and the historical medal, and said the race had great potential, with organisers clearly committed for the long term. The race was won by Badza Shingirai, a South African who’d recently won the Buffalo Marathon, and who beat Longboat club’s Charles Bedley into second place.

Rob Hadgraft
Good Day:

The above was taken from the book..The Little Wonder The Untold Story Of Alfred Shrubb. It is so exciting to be part of the revived interest in this athlete. We will have our 9th Annual Alfie Shrubb 8K Classic Classic June 5th 2011, Again we will work to have the best value at the next Alfie Classic. Thank You everyone for your support.

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The race organizers are committed to building an event that will be the BEST value for all. We like to call this event as a Revival of History. We are excited to know that Alfie lived in our town (Bowmanville)for over 44 years. I had the pleasure to visit my friend Norah Allin (Alfie’s daughter) often. Norah was proud of what we have done to raise her dad’s memory. I am sad to say my dear friend Norah passed away May 19th 2009. I know all the surviving family of Alfred Shrubb are very proud of this event.

We look forward to seeing you in Bowmanville.

June 2013

11th Annual Alfie Shrubb Classic

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The Alfie Shrubb Classic is organized by athletes who want to put on an excellent event, value for all. We have great volunteers at Alfie Shrubb. Many come back year after year.


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