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Alfred Shrubb, The Author

Alfred Shrubb as you will find out by visiting this web site was an amazing athlete, what you also will find out that he was an author. Alfred wrote two books, the book, Running and Cross-Country Running in 1908 and Long Distance Running and Training in 1909. In the Tim Noakes book on running, The Lore of Running it is stated that Alfred Shrubb was one of the first runners to record his training ideas and methods in book form, page 366 of the 4th addition of the Lore of Running.

We know that you will want to know what the thoughts were of one of the pioneers of running in the very early days.In the book the Boston Marathon by Tom Derderian, page stated Yet marathon running became hugely popularin this decade, (early 1900’s) as men like Jack Caffery, Tom Longboat, Tom Hicks, John Hayes, Alf Shrubb and Dorando Pietri became household names.  We will be recording Alfred’s entire book, Long Distance Running and Training by Alfred Shrubb.

I have permission to let you view this book as well. I believe that no where will you find a web site with this type of History of the sport of running assembled. 

It is our goal with this web site, and this book to bring the name of Alfred Shrubb glory that it deserves.


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  1. Preface
  2. A Runner’s Initial Preparation
  3. Preparation and Early Training for a Long-distance Runner
  4. Special Preparation for a Long-distance race
  5. The Best Way to Run a Long-distance Race
  6. On Sprint Running and Training
  7. The Quarter Mile
  8. Short “Distance” Races, Iincluding the Mile
  9. Middle Distances - From 2,000 Yards to Four Miles
  10. Long-Journey Races, Such as the Marathon and Others
  11. Cross-country Running
  12. A Few Special General Training Hints
  13. Alfred A. Shrubb, Champion of the World. A Brief Word Sketch by J. Murray