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NEW BOOK on Shrubb

The first biography of Alfred Shrubb is now out!

Monday, 29 November 2004, London
Sports broadcaster Danny Kelly presents the award for
“Winner of the William Hill Sports Book Jacket Design of the Year”
to Desert Island Books and Acolyte Design.
Rob Hadgraft’s biography - The Little Wonder: The Untold Story of Alfred Shrubb - World Champion Runner - has attracted enthusiastic reviews

Published by DESERT ISLAND BOOKS in the UK and wirtten by freelance writer and runner ROB HADGRAFT, it is a 320-page illustrated hardback called ‘The Little Wonder - The Untold Story of World Champion Runner Alfred Shrubb’ (ISBN: 1-874287-81-3).

The book has already won an award at the annual William Hill Sports Book of the Year Competition, and has been widely acclaimed by the media. National newspapers in the UK, BBC radio and running magazines in both North America and Europe have all heaped praise on this highly detailed and fascinating publication.
The book is on sale, or can be ordered, at all good bookshops - including branches of Sportspages in Central London and Manchester. It is available at a £4 discount off the normal price of £18.99, by visiting the publishers’s website  It can also be ordered via the normal outlets such as Amazon, etc.
For more information and a fuller description of the book, return to this website’s Home Page and click on the link ‘The Little Wonder’.

by Rob Hadgraft (2004) 234x156 mm
320 pages
ISBN 1-874287-81-3


“Today [5th November 2004] is the ideal opportunity to pay homage, exactly 100 years after the event, to one of the greatest individual runs from a British athlete. Chances are you have never heard of Alf Shrubb, but it is never too late to recognise sporting genius.” The Daily Telegraph.

“The Little Wonder tells the mysterious story of Alfred Shrubb ... It is a story that is richly evocative of the heyday of Edwardian athletics.” The Guardian.

“The strongest contender for the greatest athlete never to have won an Olympic medal must surely be Alf Shrubb, who was the world’s greatest distance runner 100 years ago. When he beat Olympic marathon champion Billy Sherring, Shrubb had time after finishing to return to the changing rooms, fetch his camera and take a picture of Sherring coming in second.” The Daily Mail.

“Shrubb is the subject of a delightfully-crafted biography which recounts not just his exploits, but brings alive a fascinating era of sport.” The Glasgow Herald.

“Only now, in the centenary of his finest year, has this tiny Englishman been given due recognition in a finely-crafted biography.” Athletics Weekly.

“The astonishing life of the Sussex athlete who set seven world records in one night, escaped death from an iceberg, and raced against horses after his ban from the Olympics.” The Brighton Argus.

“Hadgraft has meticulously gathered information on Shrubb from all corners of the globe ... For every Alf Shrubb running disaster, there are a dozen triumphs. Forget Alf Tupper. Alf Shrubb was the real Tough of the Track.” Herald Group of West Sussex.

“Hadgraft details the lesser known side to Shrubb’s life in fascinating detail ... Thanks to this new book Alfred Shrubb’s varied and extraordinary life is told.” West Sussex County Times.

“Alfred Shrubb went on to become one of the most famous runners in the world. In 1904 he travelled to Glasgow and set seven world records in one night, some of which remained unbroken for nearly 50 years.” Rochdale Observer.

“Hadgraft’s research took him to Canada and Australia, and the tale has attracted the interest of film-makers.” Colchester Evening Gazette.

“Those of us interested in the sport’s beginnings just have to find out more about Alf Shrubb”. Running Fitness.

“This is the first complete biography of running pioneer Shrubb.” Track Stats.

“I have been most impressed, it’s a terrific read.” Trevor Vincent, Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist.

BBC London Radio’s Danny Kelly: “The great thing about this book is how it takes something forgotten by everybody and brings it back to vivid life. This book is begging for a nibble from a film producer.”