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Perhaps the greatest pure walker of all time, Edward Payson Weston, started his walking career with a 453-mile trek from Boston to Washington D.C. in 1861. This walk took Weston 10 days and 10 hours. The 10 hours was significant because it caused Weston to lose a $10,000 bet for not arriving on time for Abraham Lincoln’s inauguration. Nevertheless, President Lincoln gave Weston a congratulatory handshake which inspired Weston to compete in many pedestrian competitions, including six-day ultra-marathon races in Madison Square Garden, and Agricultural Hall in England, before huge capacity crowds. Weston was known to walk as many as 125 miles in a single day, and upwards of 550 miles in six-day events. When the media questioned his ability as a senior to continue walking, Weston showed America that walking was for all ages as he confidently trekked from Los Angeles to New York, 3600+ miles, in 88 days, averaging 41 miles per day - at age 71! Weston continued walking 25 miles a day well into his 80’s. He died at age 90, two years after being struck by a New York City taxicab, which caused him to lose the use of his legs. By the way, when Weston was born in 1839, the average life expectancy in America was 40 years.
This story needed to be added to the Alfie section of the web site. Many who see this story may be inspired to walk or run. Alfie used to say, “work out or rust out” ...No rust in Edward Payson Weston.

The above story of Edward Payson Weston was taken from  a great site.