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Running the Race to Revolutionize Women’s Sports
Kathrine Switzer

The inspiring story of the woman who broke through the gender barrier in the marathon, propelling women to the sport’s forefront and helping to get the Women’s Marathon into the Olympic Games.

In 1967 Kathrine Switzer was violently attacked by a race official as she ran in the Boston Marathon for challenging the race’s then all-male status.  The images of her struggle to continue, helped by male fellow-runners, have become iconic in the history of sports and of women.  This watershed moment of courage became a force for change and empowerment for women worldwide.

MARATHON WOMAN is Kathrine Switzer’s personal story of how she overcame violence, prejudice and ridicule to become one of the leading marathon runners of her time, and to give all women that opportunity.  From the childhood events that inspired her, through 35 marathon races, her triumph in the 1974 New York City Marathon, to her life’s work organizing the Avon global series of women’s races in 27 countries for over a million women, and the relentless drive to make the marathon an official event for women in the Olympic Games, the story tells of Switzer’s personal struggles as well as her public successes. This liberally illustrated book details the achievements and reveals the life of one of women’s sport’s greatest pioneers, innovators and ambassadors.

In addition to her other accomplishments, Kathrine Switzer is an Emmy Award-winning TV commentator who has covered important running events including the Olympics, Goodwill and Commonwealth Games, and almost all televised editions of the Boston, New York City, and Los Angeles marathons, as well as hundreds of local races around the world. She is an inspiring public speaker who has been featured on hundreds of radio and TV programs, including Oprah, Today, Tonight, Good Morning America, NPR, and BBC. Switzer is the author of Running and Walking for Women Over 40, (St. Martin’s Press) and co-author (with running author and husband Roger Robinson) of 26.2 Marathon Stories (Rodale Books).  She still runs six miles a day.