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Alfie's Trophy's and Medals    platter

This platter is a beauty.

We know that this is part of the winnings that Alfred had in his running career, there are no markings on this platter to say what and where it was won. Nora (Alfie’s daughter) had said that Alfie went to races picked up his winnings and left quickly without fanfare. Alfred Shrubb was a very modest man.

We do know that when Alf and his wife were married they used the entire setting for the dinner from his winnings.  There is a picture of the wedding table that is quite impressive. Alfie Shrubb won so much silverware in his career. If Alfred Shrubb was a runner today and won what he had won he would have been very wealthy. The most money that Alfred ever won was at Madison Square Gardens in New York in 1910, that day he won $2000.00